Cleaning services


If you are the type of person that is prejudiced towards the providing of cleaning services by professional company we assure you that you are not the only one. What you do not understand is that there are still cleaning companies that have exclusive offers and that perform a first class quality implementation of each service. One of them is our dedicated and devoted company that has a real experience in providing a wide range of cleaning services in a flexible and perfect way. We encourage you to give a chance to us because we want to prove you that we are one of the leading cleaning companies in the London area. Our aim is to meet all of your requirements and special needs.

For that purpose we are performing the following services:

  • regular cleaning
  • one off cleaning
  • spring cleaning
  • upholstery cleaning
  • domestic cleaning
  • deep cleaning

If you have bad experiences with other cleaning companies, we assure you that Perfect Tenancy Cleaning is completely different from them. We are responsible to your needs and preferences and our working team has passed training courses in order to be fully prepared for every cleaning situation. We will certainly take into account the fact that many of our customers have busy working schedules that are not compatible with other appointment.

For that reason we have established suitable working time that includes even the weekends. In the following services we also include additional cleaning procedures that are of course up to your choice. You will have the unique opportunity to benefit from our complicated approaches that are carefully applied by our professional team of workers. They have the most modern eco friendly equipment that does not pollute the air and the nature.

Other important benefits from choosing our company are:

  • fairly honest prices
  • no unmentioned charges
  • call centres available seven days per week
  • latest machines and instruments on the market

The enthusiastic staff is confident to offer an immediate implementation of each of the cleaning services that you have ordered. After we have finished, your home or office will become cosy and welcoming place, admired by many people. We always perform the cleaning tasks on time, without any delays and this differs us from other London cleaning companies. Even the heaviest and time consuming cleaning services do not frighten us because we have years of experience in that field. The company does not hide any unmentioned charges for the additional cleaning services and we do not change the prices at the last moment.

We will show you willingness for work that could be rarely seen elsewhere. Considering all this, there is no doubt that we are the most reliable cleaning company in London. Once you trust us, you will never feel the need to turn to other professional cleaning services. If you want to learn more information for each of the services we are inviting you to use the customer support centres, where you will be given further details.