Domestic cleaning


We are very qualified and experienced company that has been into cleaning business for several years. Located in London, our primary aim is to satisfy all cleaning needs of the customers by adding perfection to every detail. We have worked persistently to be recognized as one of the most prominent companies on the market. Being very responsible and committed, we have attracted hundreds of customers that have ordered a variety of cleaning services from us. Domestic cleaning is one of the most useful cleaning services as it includes the most common household chores in it. This is the dreamed service of every landlady who is not capable of providing it by herself. We are aware of the fact that you may be preoccupied with other important activities and that is why we have established ways in which to make you feel really comfortable.

Hourly Based Services Prices
Domestic Cleaning from £16/h
Deep cleaning from £18/h
One of Cleaning from £16/h


In domestic cleaning service we include:

  • vacuuming and mopping
  • windows cleaning
  • help with the laundry
  • removing of dust
  • removing of stains from every origin
  • flexible working time
  • many tempting offers for the customers
  • call centres available 7 days per week.

We perform a great diversity of cleaning procedures in domestic cleaning service. Do not have any doubts, because we can handle even with the most complicated ones, thanks to the experience that we possess. Our company co operates with a team of professional cleaners who are more than organized and devoted to the working process. We have found the unique cleaning equipment that is carefully chosen and that treats the stained surfaces in an unique way. The process is facilitated by the fact that we rely on the most modern machinery and instruments that are suitable for domestic cleaning. We think about your safety and for that reason, our cleaning products are made with minimum amount of chemicals in them.

The friendly team of workers will discuss any detail with you, before starting with the domestic cleaning because we want our customers to be fully informed of every step. We do not want to cause misunderstandings with our actions but to meet all of your expectations and requirements. Feel free to contact us any time you are available – we have established flexible working schedule mainly for the customers who are busy with other appointments. We encourage you to forget about all the household chores and to find the decision of all of your cleaning problems. Clean homes are very important part of the appropriate living environment and we want to do this in a professional way.

Do not be afraid that you cannot afford the domestic cleaning service, as within our company prices are really moderate. Advantage that, by all means, should not be underestimated. We have tempting offers that are awaiting for you right now. Use our call centres to be absolutely informed about all the details around the domestic cleaning service. Trust us for a different and effective cleaning process with the best final results.