House cleaning


We are a trustworthy and very committed cleaning company that is offering second to none cleaning services for your comfort. If you are fed up with the constant household chores that you should perform on regular basis we are offering you another alternative that sounds more desirable. Trust a cleaning company that has long struggled with a variety of cleaning problems and that has successively solve all of them. Do not feel depressed because you are incapable of providing the cleaning duties for maintaining appropriate hygiene in your house facilities. Performing of these procedures is often hard to be done in the best possible way, without any professional treatment. However to realize this, you need to struggle on your own, armed with the mop and with the vacuum cleaner. If you are not usually on the right mood for that kind of activities we introduce you the dreamed house cleaning that will absolutely change your daily routine.

Hourly Based Services Prices
One of Cleaning from £16/h
Deep cleaning from £18/h
Domestic Cleaning from £16/h


The thing that we propose to you within our outstanding house cleaning are:

  • flexible working time
  • very competent attitude towards every detail
  • modern and effective cleaning equipment
  • innovative approaches and technologies
  • courteous and polite house cleaners

Prepare yourself for cleaning from top to bottom in a careful manner, by using the latest cleaning equipment. To convince you in our seriousness and devotion we co operate with house cleaners that have proven their working qualities and achievements through the years. They are patient, and they will listen to every concern of the customer, regarding the house cleaning. The flexible working time allows us to be helpful at any time of the day, including the weekends. Whether for extensive house cleaning or for special occasion we will be available weekly, monthly or hourly. It is up to your preferences and requirements. A clean house is essential for crating cosy living environment and that is why you should not neglect it in any way. We will provide any additional information for our house cleaners that you want because we want to make things clear from the very beginning.

We want to make our clients feel fully comfortable with our house cleaners and that is the reason why we want to give as much information to you as possible. Do not be surprised by the different approaches of our friendly team of, as they are excellent for ensuring the level of service that you expect. We are proud to implement each of the house cleaning procedures that is suitable for the facility and we are not scared of complicated duties that require more attention and dedication. We offer different cleaning packages so you can choose everything according to your taste and wishes. The polite staff will be happy to inform you with further details around the house cleaning service. You can count on them each day of the week, through the currently working call centres. Think about your options very carefully and take the right decision for the most exquisite house cleaning in London.